In the summer program at U of I we are getting a feel for what it’s like to be in college. We have homework and notebooks that are graded nightly, and when we get those done, we get rewarded. Last night we had to edit some videos, and our reward for finishing them was to go out to Movie on the Lawn in front of Theophilus Tower. The movie playing was Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Theophilus Tower
Theophilus Tower

Today we are definitely feeling the work we have done throughout the week and we are all tired, but working hard to finish our projects. Navigating the campus to get to our classes, dorms, Bob’s Place, etc., is really fun and I am enjoying the feeling of being treated like a college student.

Tomorrow night we are having a talent show and everyone in the group has to be in it. We are a wide range of people so I am interested in who will do what, and I am very excited to see everyone’s talents. I have heard some will sing, one is playing his guitar, and I might even juggle! Let the good times fly!

— Dana Gilchrist

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