John, Dana, Will, and Kylie hard at work
John, Dana, Will, and Kylie hard at work

The Upward Bound STEM Access program has an incredibly busy schedule. We get up at 6:00 in the morning, and go to breakfast at 7:00. We have class until noon, eat lunch until 1:00, and we have more class time until 4:00. We spend the rest of the day either playing sports or at dinner. Even without the normal amount of summer downtime, we still have a great time. Since we are constantly working or on the move, we have great opportunities to meet new people and become better friends with the other people in the group.

The constant work is difficult, but it is well worth it for what the program has to offer. We see math and engineering in action and get to meet the people behind the machines. Last week we were able to meet several people on the U of I snowmobile team, and we were able to ask questions about their design process and what awards they had won. Even with as tiring as the schedule can be, it is fun and definitely worth the time.

– William Jelsma

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