For multiple days throughout the past week we have been learning math equations in NIATT engineering classes. We’re also learning how to pass cars legally in a car simulator. Some of the students got into the simulator and went for a drive down the highway into the country and didn’t wreck the virtual car. However, the students that did roll it on purpose or by accident were having the most fun. Kenny, Taran, another student, and I purposely rolled the car (virtually of course).

Here are some of the math equations that our engineering instructors, Brad and J.J., preached to us:
  • Passing Sight Distance, (PSD): PSD= D1+D2+D3+D4 
  • Stop Sight Distance, (SSD): Velocity multiplied by Time plus Velocity squared divided by two Acceleration
Before class the other day, J.J. started class with traffic safety statistics like these:
  • In 2010, 32,885 people died on American roads.
  • 38% of teen deaths involve traffic accidents and 25% of those accidents/deaths involve underage drinking.
  • 21% of the fatal car crashes involve teens and texting behind the wheel.
  • Out of all the drivers in America, only 6% are “young drivers.”

— Marissa Corbitt

Hope you weren't going to do something important that day!
Hope you weren’t going to do something important that day!

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