Here are lots of resources to help you figure out the best ways to pay for college.

College Scholarships

College Greenlight: First Generation and Underrepresented Scholarship Finder
Fastweb: College, Scholarships, Internship Finder
Scholarships Finder:
Quest bridge: Scholarship for juniors and seniors:
Idaho Community Foundation Scholarships:
Washington Opportunity Scholarship:
College Financing
Free Application for Federal Student Aid:
Salt Money: helps students who want a college degree to get it in a financially responsible way
GradSense: College Budget Calculator
Idaho Saves: College Savings Program helps you budget
Washington College Bound Scholarship Program:
College Selection
College Score Card: Federal Department of Education
Raptor College Planning Tool: estimated financial aid & campus match information
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education College Selection Tool: Out of State Opportunities
College Resources
Open Stax College Books: free college-level textbooks