Below are the videos from Lewiston, Idaho STEM professionals


  X-Ray Technician – Sierra Squires               5:01

Produced by Savannah Simpson, Hailey Sorenson, Abbi Kinnick


Registered Nurse, Epidemiologist – Mike Larson             4:41
Produced by Produced by Donnie Riley & Triston Mendenhall


Emergency Medicine Doctor – Jay Hunter              6:47
Produced by An Le & Dustin Shown


Lewiston Veterinarian Clincian – Elizabeth Schroeder            4:53
Produced by Becca Hunsaker


Engineer – Allanah Bailey                     3:37
Produced by Dana GilChrist


Environmental Planner – Shawn Smith                   5:00
Produced by Marissa Corbit


SEL Engineer – Bryce Winterbottom              1:23
Produced by Tristan Olsen


Professor of Nursing – Ella Mae Keatts                  3:15

Produced by Devann Maurer & Amy Wren


Nanotechnologist – David McElroy           5:08
Produced by Braidan Arrasmith & Angelo Funaro


Paramedic, Fire Engineer – Nate Metcalf                4:48
Produced by John Ariola


Process Engineer – Joel Nitcy                            4:44
Produced by Zach Campbell-Ball


Pest Control Technician – Travis Ulrich                    4:49
Produced by Dishonna Arnett


Anesthesiologist – Tom Boubel                   4:46
Produced by Kenny Scyphers


Lewiston Veterinarian Clinician – Catherine Ratcliff      4:57
Produced by Kylie Trail