Erik Brynestad


Erik Brynestad is one of two of our Outreach Coordinators.  He meets with Students and guides them from 9th grade through high school and into college. He assists with tutoring, guidance counseling, financial planning and general amazing positivity and goodwill.  Thanks Erik!!!

Kirsten LaPaglia


Kirsten is the Director of the STEM Access Upward Bound program at the University of Idaho.  She is great at knowing her staff’s capabilities and utilizing them to the fullest.  She is very dedicated and passionate about her job of serving the kids of the Lewis-Clark Valley.  Thanks Kirsten!!!

John Ariola


John is our go-to for help.  He is assistant to Kirsten and makes sure everything is in order.  He is quite the volunteer and loves being around the participants and a part of the action.  Thanks John!!!

Deseure DeBerry

Face-shot 2


Deseure is our second Outreach Coordinator.  She focuses on the transition from high school into college and counseling the participants through that process.  Thanks Deseure!!!