Each student got the chance to work with a video professional to interview a STEM professional and then put together a short documentary showcasing their summer project’s content.


What Contributes Productiveness and Happiness in the Workplace?  -By Abbi Kinnick


Can I be an architect AND an engineer?   – By An Le


Solar Power:  Its uses and drawbacks  – By Angelo Funaro and Braidan Arrasmith


What Makes A Successful Business?  -By Denirob Arnett


Should we use satellites or drones for aerial photography?  -By Donnie Riley


Backyard Harvest – Community Garden benefits  -by Emily  Thomason


Print or Digital Media?  I ask a Journalist  -By Hailey Sorenson


Is a drone good for gathering data?   -By Kolbie Anderson


How can we help our veterans with their mental health?   -By Marissa Corbitt


How does Music affect a community?   -By Sam Hardin


Is Addiction a Choice or A Disease?   -By Sativa Matheny


Solar Power Advantages    -By Savannah Simpson


Community Art!      – By  Tarren Reel


How to Operate an air quality sensor  – By Triston Mendenhall